Tensabelt is a company located in Barcelona, Spain, and all of our products are manufactured in our facilities. We want to offer you high-quality, European-made products that convey our care and strict dedication to them.


Manufacturing all our products in-house give us the opportunity of continuously improving them, as well as offering you the best knowledge and advice about them. We can also help you with your requests to help you adapt our product to your needs.

We are efficiency

-Our in-house manufacturing allows us to offer you our products in no time

-Our products are always in stock

-With your instructions, we are able to make our products more efficient for you and your spaces

-Our team keeps in mind our costumers’ needs and values so that we can help you better

-During manufacturing, we constantly test our products so that we can avoid as much error as possible


We have no doubt that our products will fulfill your needs and will be up to your expectations

      Meet our innovative systems


                Modular system

                 Our modular system makes all of our products pieces of a puzzle where they all fit each other. This system has been conceived from the

                 barriers so that the supports and accessories fit perfectly and are interchangeable.


                Self-roll-up belt

                Our products have a system of springs that allows the retractable belt to roll up by itself if it is released. Although we recommend that

                you always take te belt back to its case to extend the useful life of the product.


               Anti-theft system

               The anti-theft system locks the barrier to any support, thanks to the central fixing screw and two lateral pins. Making impossible the

               extraction of the barrier from the tube without the proper tools and knowledge.


              Roll-up brake

               Our barriers have a slow retracting system, thus avoiding possible accidents caused by a fast retraction system. This system works only

               when retracting the belt and not when extending it.


              Belt lock

              Our BL barrier has a locking system, that holds the belt straight at long distances. This avoids the twisting of the belt because of weather conditions.



              Some of our accessories are only compatible with certain elements, such as magnets to magnetize the SW (wall support).


             Color options

              All of our barriers and some supports are available in various colors.


             Installation options

              Some supports and accessories have several options of installation.