Make our products yours!

In Tensabelt, as manufacturers, we want to give you the option of personalizing your products.


If you want to put the logo of your company, a message or an image in our belts, you only need to send us a file in Illustrator (.ai) and we will prepare a digital preview of what the belt will look like. We will only print them, once we get your approval.


By personalizing the belt, you can transform a simple barrier in an advertising space for your brand, but you can also convey any message you want to your customers.

Why choose customizing our belts?

  • We use high quality inks for our customized belts
  • Our inks are long-lasting and do not fade (even withstanding rain)
  • We offer full-colour printing options, without price limitations
  • There is available printing on one or two sides (keeping in mind that the logos should not be back to back, due to possible transparency issues)
  • We can include in the service the design of graphics adapted to your needs
  • Short delivery periods: 1 week from the acceptance of the artistic design


Our belt designs will not only complement their surroundings, but they will also improve your queuing system.


If you want to customize our products, get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you!

Customize the body of the barrier

We also give you the option of personalizing the colors of the body of the barrier to match your company’s colors. You can choose a colour for the top and a color for the bottom. Choose between our standard colors or contact us for other colours.

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