The BL (barrier long) offers you a 7/10 m length to protect your spaces and make them safer.


The main material is polypropylene. Thanks to that, it is completely safe for outdoor spaces and highly damaging areas (like near-sea locations or ski resorts.)


It has a braking mechanism to avoid any possible injuries due to fast retracting belts, as well as a safety lock at the end, helping keep the belt in place. This is very useful for working spaces, like factories or any space where there is a lot of movement and people.


You can find any accessory for your product in our catalogue, to complement and give them an extra purpose.


You can choose between our range of colours (red, black or yellow) and two types of belt (plastified or textile), or you can choose our customization services.


Weight: 975 gr
Height: 11,2 cm
Length: 7/10 m
Ø: 14 cm